Magical Thinking Won’t Repair Your Credit

This time of year, we can easily get caught up in the ads we see urging us to buy all sorts of things we may or may not need.  But if you’re still paying for the purchases you made last year you really should plan to avoid doing the same thing this year, no matter how tempting the offer may sound.  It’s frustrating to be shackled by debt, especially when you look back and realize you weren’t thinking clearly when you signed for the purchases.  You may have felt you’d have the money coming in to cover the cost of the presents you bought but was that rational thinking, or magical thinking?

Either way, it’s best to educate yourself on the finer points of credit and how to properly use it.  And there’s no need to fall into the “be the first 100 to sign up now” trap.  You’ll end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the same information they are practically giving away at Udemy.  With a coupon code from Groupon, you can take a Udemy course for only $10 dollars, that will teach you what credit is, how it should be used, how to read a credit report and more.  And, you can do it all online at your convenience.

What is magical thinking?  It’s that feeling you get when you pull out your credit card to make a purchase you can’t afford and say, “it’s alright.  The money will come.”  You project yourself into the future with more income than you really have.  Then the only thing that really shows up are the bills.

Leave that magical thinking to Santa and his elves.  Get real this Christmas.  Put your money where your mind ought to be, and that’s on learning how to avoid the pitfalls of over spending, over extending, and overlooking the obvious fact that you can’t afford everything you see.  Use a Groupon to do your shopping this holiday season and you’ll save lots of money in the process.